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KPI Monitor Real-Time Dashboard

A powerful dashboard enabling Managers to monitor Key Performance Indicators in Real-Time

KPI Monitor – Key Performance Indicators in a Real-Time Dashboard

SupportDesk’s powerful KPI Monitor enables Service Desk Managers to view at-a-glance how the service desk is performing, in real-time. With the ability to change views at the touch of a button, reports are automatically generated based on call categories, Customers, Assigness, Departments etc. This means that Managers can ‘slice and dice’ performance data across many different key performance indicators (KPIs).

Attractive management reports can be published at regular intervals to specific parties, so that achieivement can be recognised, and areas to improve can be identified. The KPI Monitor allows service desk teams to prove to management and customers that SLA targets are being met, and the highest level of service is being provided.


  • Analyse Service Level Agreement performance by helpdesk agent, customer, status, Priority, and other service desk metrics.
  • Consolidate call and user performance across multiple folders.
  • Compare call performance over different timescales.
  • Schedule ‘Quickcalls’ for planned preventative maintenance
  • Schedule helpdesk reports to run at pre-defined intervals
  • Built in attractive management reports
  • Provides a summary of your helpdesk agents’ performance
  • Easily identify problems with service
  • ‘One-click’ to access valuable helpdesk statistics
  • Scheduled reports are generated automatically allowing you to make period comparisons
  • Calls raised automatically in the helpdesk so important tasks are not overlooked


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