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Enterprise Service Management – How to improve alliance amongst departments  

Enterprise Service Management - How to improve alliance amongst departments  

The digital transformation for many businesses were accelerated during the COVID pandemic, with support teams struggling to manage the new communication methods for resolving service requests and support issues. 

As an organisation ask yourself the following questions.  

  • are you having trouble with resources being caught up on manual tasks?  
  • are your service agents being spent responding to repetitive requests?  
  • are your service agents being consumed responding to interdepartmental requests? 
  • are service requests being lost? 
  • do you wish you could find a way to simply improve your service delivery, without adding to your workload.  

Traditionally many organisations have focused their service management on cooperation instead of collaborations. In most situations, there is a hope that departments will cooperate with service requests, provide the correct information, and close the case quickly. In most cases employees do not even know who to turn to with their issues, it is un-clear where to go if you need help with requests often lost down a rabbit hole of email or chat messages.  

Collaboration not just cooperation 

Business and management scholars have paid much attention to the importance of both formal and informal mechanisms to support inter-organisational collaboration. Studies have found that collaboration can increase achievement and productivity. Many large companies adopt collaboration platforms to allow employees, customers, and partners to intelligently connect, interact and solve problems.  

This is where Enterprise Service Management (ESM) plays a significant role – ESM is a way to orchestrate all your organisation’s service requests and notifications under one roof. Collaborating to support departments such as IT, Facilities HR and many more.  

So, what is Enterprise Service Management really! –  

Enterprise service management provides collaboration tools and workflows that focus on encouraging collective intelligence and staff collaboration at the organisational level. These include features such as information sharing, shared portals, expert recommendations, and real time collaboration.  

The main objective of ESM is to improve customer experience by providing a service that is easily accessible and delivers desired outcomes efficiently. Continual iterative feedback and reporting, keeps the service fresh and adaptable to changes in the service environment. 

The effectiveness of a collaborative effort through ESM is driven by three critical factors.  

  1. Communication 
  1. Content Management  
  1. Workflow 


A fit-for-purpose ESM solution ensures issues and requests do not slip through the net and are correctly and efficiently processed in accordance with agreed service levels. Bottlenecks and lost emails have become outdated. ESM provides a platform for setting organisational standards, service models, look & feel and common ways of working. There is no longer the question of “where do I go to get help.”  

Work can be shared easily between teams and departments, with all communications conducted centrally and saved for auditing and accountability.  

Content Management  

By promoting self-help, employees can find solutions via a centralised portal and bots. Reducing phone calls, emails, chats, and walk-ups to the equivalent service desks. Freeing teams to focus on valuable tasks to continually improve their service delivery. 


With a flexible ESM process and workflow designer, new services can be released. retired and managed as per the customers’ requirements. All the expertise is managed under one roof, so service and technical knowledge is not siloed or potentially lost. Removing manual effort and rework through optimised processes, workflow, automation, and alerting. Fuelled through the adoption of Self-Service, Self-Help, and Bots. 

Who are the clear winners? 

Customers / End-Users 

One stop shop! One simple central location for the people that matter. They know where to make requests, stay up to date, find answers, report issues, and leave feedback! 

Executives & Decision Makers 

Through improved transparency and decision-making management can now attain a greater understanding of what has been achieved and what has not. Where is the value being generated or lost and how to communicate that with all stakeholders and make decisions to maximise or improve.  

Service Support Agents 

Teams can collaborate and communicate within one central solution to provide a consistent and reliable service. Fast recorded communication helps deliver timely solutions to the customers they are supporting. The suite Self-Service & automation tools free-up mundane tasks for these teams to reinvest value time into tasks to improve on the service and tackle complex issues. 

For more information on how and Enterprise Management Solution can help your organisation visit House on the Hill at stand 371 at Service Desk Show – The event for ITSM Professionals – 10-11 May 2023 

Enterprise Service Management (ESM)