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“Complaints” from North West Leicestershire Case Management!

North West Leicestershire District Council have been valued customers of House on the Hill since 2015. In 2021 they took the decision to extend their HotH portfolio and add the Case Management Solution to the IT Management Solution they were familiar with.

Case Management

The Hoth Case Management solution is predominantly used for FOI, EIR and SAR requests but has always had more add ons, which in recent years have started to get more attention.
NW Leicester wanted to get up and running with the Complaints add on as quickly as they could and as Kerry Spiers, Customer Experience Team Leader at North West Leicester says

“From configuration to my team going live on the system it took just over a month which is amazing”.

Electronic Form Integration

Working with Kerry and her team the Hoth Consultants set up data capture forms, workflows and specific e-mails for Complaints, Councillor, MP and Ombudsman Enquiries, Compliments and BAU requests. They also integrated the system to the existing Granicus online forms, so data was passed from Form to Case seamlessly and correctly categorised.

“Using the HotH system for complaints has reduced the workload immensely, our digital forms integrate with the system so there is no rekeying for staff. There is minimal triaging and the complaint is sent to the responder within minutes of it arriving” – Kerry Spiers

Best features?

When asked if there was any particular features she liked Kerry was very enthusiastic.

“I like HotH full stop, but the templates that pop up for staff to use to acknowledge/respond/close the cases are the best feature. We can now ensure that all our responses are correctly formatted and have the audit trail to fall back on.”

She was also conscious of the benefits of central data storage.

“If you want to keep your data all in one place and you need a system that is user friendly with a great support team behind it go for HotH.”

Working with Hoth

Some of Kerry’s comments were lovely for us at Hoth to read given our relationship with our customers is what we care most about.

“Knowledge about our company, the system and what we required was priceless”, “support even when we have had whacky ideas” and “a joy to work with.”

Rest assured. We will do our best to keep the complaints coming in.

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