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Ascot Case Study

Ascot Case Study 

Ascot Services have built an outstanding reputation as an FM provider since 2003, winning many awards along the way! They entrusted HotH as their Service Desk provider to help streamline, monitor, and provide client clarity of works which are underway. Ascot had already used a HotH environment with a client previously. Andrea Ashurst (Compliance Manager) suggests ‘we were already using an existing HotH provided system with an existing client and decided to adopt our own version to use with all clients’. This was useful as they already had an idea of how the system works, and what direction they wanted their own Service Desk to go in.

Since the inception of HotH at Ascot, many different processes have been undertaken, from Reactive calls, Site Accidents to most recently Visitor Management – amongst many more. There is always a thorough consultation between HotH & Ascot when a new process is to be setup, to ensure a quick and seamless implementation can occur. Sometimes a test environment is used which allows Ascot to tweak aspects of the solution before the full roll out the process to their full client list.

As Ascot have been a long-term customer of HotH, we thought it was a great time to get some feedback from Andrea of how they found the service we provide!

We asked Andrea ‘How has using HotH Service Management Software helped your organisation?’

She said that ‘HotH Service Management Software has significantly increased our capacity to run, report on and oversee live jobs. It gives our clients full transparency of their ongoing works and has been a unique selling point for our company. The system is completely bespoke to our company and we are constantly developing it in order to pro-actively advance the service we provide’.

Furthermore, we asked ‘What do you like most about HotH?’

‘Ascot Services are an innovative company and are constantly searching for technological improvements we can make, in order to offer our clients the best possible service we can provide. We have called upon HotH, many times, to make improvements to our system, ranging from small “tweaks” to large developments, to full construction of completely new areas of the system. They have a “can do” attitude and always strive to offer us the best possible solutions to our bespoke requirements’.

Finally, we asked Andrea ‘What would you say to others considering HotH’?

HotH’s knowledge is excellent and their ability to find solutions to even the most complicated requirements is second to none. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a bespoke, fully functional and user-friendly service management software provider’.


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