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Case Study: How SupportDesk streamlines Operations at First Choice Homes Oldham (FCHO)

First Choice Homes Oldham (FCHO), are a not-for-profit provider of social housing that manage approximately 12,000 homes. Customer satisfaction is at the core of its operations. When searching for a dynamic Service Desk solution, FCHO found its answer in our SupportDesk.

Selection Process

Following a consultation with the House on the Hill Team FCHO decided that the product met their requirements to support Incident, Problems, and Request processes.  It is also simple to use. SupportDesk features a full set of mappable processes and offers a self-service portal for Customers. A flexible KnowledgeBase and Configuration Management Database were also important features.

The availability of both Cloud and On-Site deployment methods means that the ICT Team could focus on ensuring that SupportDesk does exactly what they need it to do. The software’s flexibility also means that they could start small and evolve the configuration as their requirements expanded.


Opting for a Cloud-based service desk with a monthly subscription, FCHO experienced a seamless setup, eliminating the need for technical installation. A dedicated House on the Hill consultant collaborated with FCHO, ensuring the system met their specific requirements. The flexibility of SupportDesk allowed FCHO to start with a simple solution and progressively enhance its configuration as their needs expanded.

Daily Operations

Supporting around 450 end users and managing 40 calls daily, FCHO utilises SupportDesk to streamline its service desk operations. The software’s customisability in roles and access privileges proved beneficial in accommodating FCHO’s flexible staff structure. The system’s automated processes, from call logging to resolution, have significantly improved efficiency, enabling a smooth transition from an in-house database to SupportDesk.

Revolutionising Company Culture

By embracing a customer-centric approach, the Self-Service portal has become the preferred option for issue logging, FAQs access, and call tracking, reducing reliance on traditional methods like telephone and email. The integration of Case-Based Reasoning enhances user experience by providing relevant solutions based on keywords.

User Experience

The ICT team at FCHO commended SupportDesk’s user-friendly interface, ease of use, and quick generation of KnowledgeBase articles. Fast and efficient call logging and escalation, coupled with an excellent search function, contribute to a seamless user experience. The collaboration with House on the Hill was described as friendly, helpful, and indicative of a genuine interest in FCHO’s goals.


 With the fully implemented hosted SupportDesk system, FCHO has experienced a transformative journey. From purchase to implementation, SupportDesk has become a key component of FCHO’s ICT strategy, revolutionizing team collaboration and contributing to a more customer-focused approach. The success of this partnership exemplifies the positive impact of selecting the right hosted helpdesk solution tailored to an organization’s unique needs.