At Home with

What’s in a name? People often ask, ‘House-on-the-Hill – where did that name come from?’. Well, back in 1993 when the company was started and the first release of SupportDesk was ready to launch, the directors lived in a house on the top of a very steep hill. The name struck a chord whilst watching ‘Little House on the Prairie’ with the kids and musing about names. 

The business has since grown and relocated but retains its family vibe. Our team support each other in what they do so that we all deliver our very best to clients. 

And we see our clients as part of our extended family, so we look after you too! Whether you use SupportDesk as part of a large corporation delivering IT Service Management or Computer Aided Facilities Management or you have a small Customer Support Service-Desk or FOI. You are all important to us. SupportDesk is our baby – we want it to behave well. 

Our House is your home – you can keep coming back to us and tell us what you want. We are always keen to enable that through continuous software development and the introduction of features that allows the system to be sufficiently flexible to do just what you are after. 

We also have a thought for those with no home to go to and actively support charities for the homeless in the UK and sponsor children through World Vision. 

House-on-the-Hill – we are family!