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Adding a Hill to the Broads in Norfolk!

Following the merger of the two Norfolk councils in 2018, Broadland and South Norfolk decided to also merge their IT Service Desks. Broadland had been using an Onsite HotH since 2016 with South Norfolk using a different product. This was a good time to for a relaunch. HotH’s swift integration with Lansweeper swung the decision HotH’s way. By moving to HotH’s cloud deployment both partners would both have a new experience, but at least some of the team already had knowledge of working with HotH.

It had been decided at the outset to keep the transition simple. When asked about the experience of the transfer from on-site to hosted deployment; Chris Balmer (ICT and Digital Manager) said “It was seamless as we did not take many calls or data over to the new environment but used it as an opportunity to have a green field experience. This was ultimately made extremely easy by the discussions we had with HotH beforehand to determine the shape and structures of the new platform that were brought online without any issues whatsoever and on target.”

This kept the pressure off everyone during the development of the new service desk. Even so, Inge @ HotH kept the project moving and the first live tickets were being logged 2 months after kick-off.

We let things settle before quizzing Chris about how using HotH Service Management Software has helped South Norfolk and Broadland. “It has provided a single instance of a Service Desk that is easily accessed by users both inside and outside the network. During the Covid pandemic having the majority of the workforce working from home has meant that they do not have to “log in” to our network to log faults and requests but can achieve this from the outside world that has been a major bonus. It has also provided us with a platform that we can use to easily report on and analyse data to better improve our service offerings to our customers and to adopt a more pro-active support stance.”

At HotH, we like to think that we have good working relations with our customers, but it’s great when we hear it from them. We asked Chris what we he like about HotH – “Several things – the flexibility of the platform, it’s reliability, the support and development form the HotH staff, and its ease of use.”

And finally, we wondered if Chris would be happy to recommend HotH to others??

“Take a good look at HotH as it can be wrapped around your needs and modified to the nth degree (within reason!) to suit your demands – it’s cloud based solution allows for flexibility and reliability which is key for a Service Desk environment. It also has some superb integrations with many other platforms ranging from reporting to asset management that allows for a super fit into most environment. The consultancy and support from HotH are also second to none with brilliant results every time requests are made of them – the company and their solution is simply outstanding!”

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