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Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust is a large healthcare organization that provides acute healthcare services to patients in the Salisbury area of the UK. The Trust has a strong commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare services to its patients, and it recognizes the importance of using IT to support its operations. In order to manage its IT services more effectively, in 2010, Andy Scott, the IT Service Manager at the Trust, worked with House on the Hill (HotH) to develop their own unique system for managing their incident reporting. In this case study, we will explore how Salisbury NHS has used HotH to deliver high-quality IT services to its staff and patients for 13 outstandingly successful years with the help of our HotH team.

Working together for 13 years – Hopping over to the cloud

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust has a large IT infrastructure that supports a wide range of clinical and administrative applications. These applications are critical to the delivery of healthcare services, and any disruption to IT services can have a significant impact on patient care.

When the HotH system was implemented, we took our time customizing our out-of-the-box software for their specific needs for incident management, problem management, change management, and service request management. These meet the specific needs of the Trust, including the creation of workflows and escalation procedures for incident and problem reporting.

Recently, the Trust made the leap from an on-site system to the cloud, gaining the benefit of faster customer support and quicker implementation of enhancement features for the service desk. This has enabled staff to report IT issues and service requests via the online portal and given more control and fast response times to the support staff.

When asked about the ease of the jump from on-site to cloud, Andy Scott said, “The migration to the cloud went really well, the support provided from House on the Hill staff was outstanding.”

Everything HotH accomplishes with Salisbury

The implementation of the HotH has brought a range of benefits to Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust. These benefits include:

  1. Improved incident and problem management: HotH provides a structured and consistent approach to incident and problem management, enabling the Trust to identify and resolve IT issues more quickly and effectively.
  2. Better change management: HotH provides a centralized change management process, enabling the Trust to manage changes to its IT infrastructure more effectively, reducing the risk of disruptions to IT services.
  3. Enhanced service request management: HotH provides a streamlined service request management process, enabling staff and patients to request IT services and support more easily and efficiently.
  4. Improved reporting and analytics: HotH provides detailed reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling the Trust to monitor and measure IT service performance and identify areas for improvement.


Overall, Salisbury feel that the addition of HotH has been a tremendous success: “We couldn’t function efficiently without it, The SupportDesk product is very versatile and configurable. It’s very easy to use but one of the most useful functions for us is email read and the ability to change the status to customer input required with an auto email to the customer for updates directly into the ticket with coloured flags for our attention. I would rate the customer support 10 out 10, we deal with many diffident suppliers for a variety of products and HotH is one of the best for customer support and technical knowledge. I would absolutely recommend it to other businesses.”

Here’s to many more years of collaboration with Salisbury Trust to continuously improve the services that both we, and they, provide for each and every user of House on the Hill!

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