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FOI Request Management Software

SupportDesk FOI is available on the GCloud 9 Digital Marketplace

  • With MOJ recommended templates built-in as standard, SupportDesk FOI Request Management Software helps public sector organisations such as local government, NHS, public services and councils, to ensure that Freedom of Information requests are progressed in compliance with government legislation.

FOI Request Reporting software

Link From Your Website

  • SupportDesk FOI allows you to add a link your website that will capture requests by the public:

FOI Request logging

Customise FOI Forms

  • The form that displays when the link is clicked can be customised by you to include the required fields and styling. Forms can be customised using SupportDesk’s Drag and Drop Forms Designer
  • The form can be streamlined and simple, and include mandatory fields to ensure necessary data is captured:

SupportDesk FOI Request ticket

Heighten Communication

  • Once the end user has submitted their request the system can email an automatic reply to them, or it can be initiated manually once the request is being processed.
  • SupportDesk FOI also allows the user to be automatically directed to another part of your website.
  • Completion of requests can also trigger automated emails to requestors, and email templates can be configured as required.

SupportDesk FOI Request email

Heighten Visualisation

  • Within SupportDesk FOI, logged requests show up on the dashboard indicators of request handlers:

SupportDesk FOI paperless logging software

Paperless Progression of FOI Requests

  • FOI request handlers user can drill-down from the dashboard to new requests and start the handling process of Assigning the request, and progressing the status of the request.
  • Completion of requests requires entries for Status, Outcome, Exemption and Disclosure Log Class, all of which may be needed for later analysis, and any attachments can be added to the Request record.

SupportDesk FOI Request ticket software

Pre-Built Letter Templates

  • SupportDesk FOI ships with a series of pre-built letter templates for key elements of the FOI handling process. These can be modified as required and are then available from the request handling screen. 
  • Simply clicking on the blue button will generate the letter ready to print, copying across specific details from the Request. 

FOI request letter templates

  • In the case where specific editing is needed the contents can be copied to Word and edited. 
  • The library of letters can be extended and the Print tool bar can be configured to exclude templates or add new ones.

Automatic Deadline Alerts

  • Deadline dates and Warning dates are automatically calculated based on deadline selections.
  • SupportDesk FOI can issue alerts if the request goes beyond this warning date.

Create Disclosure Logs

  • Requests can be added easily to the Disclosure Log by ticking the “Add to Disclosure Log” tick option at the bottom of the request screen. On pressing OK the DC Log entry is shown and can be edited to remove personal information and validated.
  • The searcheable Disclosure Log enables the quick and simple locating of historic FOI Request responses. 
  • A link to the Disclosure log can also be made available on your website allowing the public to browse and search.

FOI disclosure log

Run FOI Reports

  • Report on outcomes, exemptions and other key performance indicators at the touch of a button, and customise and schedule FOI reports using SupportDesk’s QuickReport Designer.

FOI request management software reporting tool


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