What’s New in SupportDesk

October 15, 2019


House-on-the-Hill are always looking to frequently update SupportDesk, and we thought now would be a good time to display some of our new features.

Dashboard and Form Features

This continues to be a area of SupportDesk that customers are leveraging to extend the functional scope of the system. The form designer now allows multi-tabbed forms, context sensitive prompts, user defined feedback forms and much more. Multi-tabs also provide an inherent workflow and allow the data to be grouped logically. A new component now shows a concise view of the ticket history. Other new features include the automatic presentation of the appropriate form based on detection of the user privilege, a preview widget to show the last 10 tickets for the current customer, KPI reports on reporting dashboards with date prompting and “Top X” features.

Improved Room/Resource Bookings

Room/Resource Bookings has had a makeover and now offers an easy and efficient way to manage booking of rooms or available resources that are available for shared use. The function can be bolted on to any SupportDesk Enterprise Installation. To accompany Resource books, SupportDesk can now send associate emails with an attached .ics (universal calendar format) file allowing bookings to be added to standard calendars.

Visitor Registration

Available as a stand-alone or integrated with “Bookings” is the Visitor Registration. All visitors can be quickly booked in and all data captured along with any special needs or data specific to your environment.

Mobile Interface

The mobile interface to SupportDesk has had a makeover, but design is still formatted using the Form Designer and the Formname_Touch is still in action to offer specific forms if the system detects access via a mobile device.

QuickCall/Service Request Options

To provide more flexibility to QuickCalls there are some new configuration options. They can now be marked as “Hidden” (useful when they are used as anchors for default calls), “Internal” (i.e. not available to end-users) and locked to a specific Team/Group.

Triggering a QuickCall from Mail Subjects

A mail form can now be created with the body text containing the reference to a QuickCall in the format QuickCall:QC000005 (Case Sensitive). If a mail is read with a subject matching the mail form then the new ticket will be raised will be based on the referenced QuickCall.

Automatic Emails

Automatic emails can now be sent to the assignee when a ticket transitions from a “Stop the Clock” status to “Active” helping support staff stay on top of tickets and within SLA’s.

Change Authorisation

In Self-Service environments end users can now manually select the authorising body for their requests. Paperless workflow takes care of the rest with Voting emails being automatically sent to the designated body and the Request following the prescribed workflow on Acceptance or Rejection of the Request.

Data Driven Email Templates

This allows specific logos or user defined headers to be included in outbound mail templates which are automatically picked based on ticket data. 

Graphical Workflow Designer

SupportDesk now contains a graphical workflow designer for all your processes, easing design and providing automatic documentation. The status codes and relationships are created in-sync with the diagram, with fine tuning carried out in Service Level Management.

SMTP Server

Details per folder now allow more granularity in the configuration of email integration. 

If you would like any further information regarding these new SupportDesk features, do not hesitate to contact us at support@houseonthehill.com.








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