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The Latest SupportDesk - 2018

Supportdesk update is made available earlier this year to allow for testing of features added in support of GDPR; 2FA and the 'right to be forgotten'

SupportDesk – GDPR Requirement – The Right to be Forgotten

GDPR will apply from 25th May 2018. A new requirement that was not in the previous DP rules is the right for individuals to be ‘forgotten’ once the need for processing their data has expired.

Consequently, we have introduced a means of redacting marked fields when certain records are archived (customers, contacts, logins, calls, notes, activities). This enables peoples’ names and personally identifiable information to be cleared out of SupportDesk.

You should note that the feature does not make a trawl through all the data in all the tables looking for a text string that might relate to this individual. Data is cleared out of the specific fields marked with “Redact Data when Archiving”

This example results in the contact name being redacted when the contact is archived.

You should also note that this is a one-way process on archiving – the system will not re-instate the masked data on restoration from Archive to Live. You can also opt to remove attachments when records are archived. We are also able to provide consultancy to assist with set up.

Alternative HTML Editor

New systems will be installed a new look HTML editor for Notes and Solution fields that is compatible with Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Two Factor Authentication

A user first enables 2FA through SupportDesk using any app that supports the Time-based One-Time Password protocol such as Google Authenticator.

And once verified will be prompted for the app generated code at each login.

Max Failed Logins

The option to set the maximum number of failed login attempts. (In the WebServer, go to Settings - WebServer – Login Page Settings) Once set, the system tracks failed attempts for a login and will lock a user out once they have reached the threshold, a notification will be posted to the noticeboard. The Failed Login attempts has to be reset by a Supervisor to allow them to log in.

Productivity Features in Form Development

To assist with House Form design and development there are some new features that allow :-
• Creation of Extra fields from the Form UI.
• Export of the individual Form to ease with “Test to Live” migration.

It is also now possible to Export just Forms from a system rather than have them within other system settings. This has been enabled through a “Forms” tick-box on the Database Export UI.

Xero Integration

SupportDesk can now be configured to create invoice lines on a ticket and export these to the Xero accounting software suite. It is modelled such that a SupportDesk ticket holds the Header information and individual lines of the invoice containing product, quantity and cost detail are then added to the ticket.
Once the base ticket has been created Invoice Lines can be added using the "Add an Invoice Item" button on the form which presents a new form on which the user selects the product and then enters the Unit Cost and Quantity. If configured to do so, the Cost and Tax Type can be inherited from the Product.

Multiple lines can be added to the Ticket and will show under the Invoice Lines Tab,

The Invoice data can be exported out of SupportDesk and into the Xero system.


We have also worked with customers on integrations to OKTA Single Sign-On, and the self-service password reset system FastPassCorp. Please contact us if you would like to know more about these systems.

Improvements in Call tracking and handling

As well as the filter icons on the column headings, 2018 sees a new Direct Search option on the Call Reference that allows fast searching on the call reference only. We have also added Hover information on the margin summary icons to remind users of their meaning. Columns can now be reordered using Drag and Drop and if the view is saved as a custom view the field order is preserved.

Searching selected folders for related calls when in Configuration Items

When using the webserver and querying Configuration items (Customers, Products and Inventories) there is a new option that allows the folder to be specified when searching for related tickets.

Drag and Drop Branding

It is now easy to drop your logo ‘into’ SupportDesk and then propagate the branding through different areas of the system. SupportDesk lets you either navigate to your chosen logo or Drag & Drop it to the image area in the Webserver. We recommend an image size of 114 * 114 pixels.

Once added, the logo will automatically show in the top left of the menu and act as the Home Button. It can also be added to mail templates using the tag [system:CompanyLogo] and will automatically be picked up as a logo on Quick Reports.

E-Mailing KPI Reports

It is now possible to save an email address with a KPI report and then use the Right Click menu on the Quick Report Summary to e-mail that report.

Dynamic update of Date Range on Dashboard Reports

There is a new system component that can be dropped onto Report Dashboards and which will force a refresh of the dashboard reports with the selected date range applied. Consultancy may be required to assist with the set-up of this feature.

Grouping and Searching Quick Calls to improve the end-user experience

Over time the number of pre-configured request options that can be built for end users can grow. SupportDesk now lets you group your Requests/Quick Call and offer Type specific search buttons on the dashboard to help the end-user.

Selecting one of the Search buttons shows the end user the Requests that have been grouped under that Service. Consultancy may be required to assist with the set-up of this feature.