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The Latest SupportDesk - 2016

SupportDesk 2016 boasts extensive User Experience improvements for Agents, Managers and Customers, enabling you to provide the very highest level of service, and increasing value to your organisation through enhanced communication channels and optimum system flexibility. Here’s how...

Enhancing the Customer Experience:

Skype Support Option

GeoLocation Function

HTML Customer Notes

Important Flag on Notes

Remote Support Request Button

Enhanced Service Portfolio

Service Request Process Visualisation**

Customers can view and request services via the self service portal.

SupportDesk 2016's new-look Customer Service Request logging process displays attractive icons on the Customer Dashboard, giving details of available Services. The icons link directly to unique QuickCall templates, streamlining the process. The new icons assist Customers in the identification of required Services, and enhance the overall user experience of the self service portal.

*Requires Consultancy **Requires House Forms module.

HTML Customer Notes*

Your Customers can now add images and screenshots into call Notes via the portal!

The ticket logging experience has been made easier for your Customers with the ability for End Users to copy and paste images into the notes of tickets logged via the self service portal. This function was limited to use by Agents, but has been extended to Customers with call notes defaulting to HTML format.

*For use with web version only – Internet Explorer 11 onwards.


Automatically discover Locations of Customers requiring on-site support.

Particularly useful for engineers visiting Customer sites for repairs, and for when Customers hot-desk or work at multiple sites. The new Geolocation functionality in SupportDesk automatically updates the Location details of Users when they are logged in to the helpdesk portal.

Skype for Business Integration*

Customers can request Support via Skype for Business

Do you have Customers worldwide who prefer face-to-face support sessions? Now, Skype for Business integration with SupportDesk enables you to offer your Customers an additional communication channel for providing live support sessions.

*Requires Telephony module.

Enhancing the User Experience for Managers and Support Agents:

Remote Support Button

Redisplay Forms

Engineer Calendar Improvements

Email Notes to Assignee/Owner

"Important" Flag

"Add New Note" Button

Bomgar Integration

Improved Forms Designer

Default Folder Dashboards

Default Folder Views

Extra Fields via Outlook Addin

Increased Note Functionality

Remote Support Button*

Generate a Bomgar Session directly from a ticket.

Keep the entire support process within the ticket workflow by giving Agents the option to generate a remote support Bomgar session directly from the ticket. Notifications can be sent to Customers automatically to alert that a Bomgar session has been initiated.

*Bomgar must be purchased separately.

Default Dashboards on Folders*

Include a Default Dashboard for each folder.

In the same way that default views can be set on individual folders, it is now possible to have a default dashboard for each process managed within your system. This is extremely useful for managers of multiple processes, or of multiple business areas, as it enables detailed, but separate dashboards for each process to be displayed by simply selecting from the folder dropdown.

*Requires House Forms module.

Redisplay Forms*

Keep the ticket logging process concise and streamlined for your team.

The introduction of Support Agent Redisplay Forms has made the ticket logging process even more streamlined. Now, when the Agent first logs a ticket, only the fields that are initially requiring completion need be displayed. It is also possible to have certain fields as Read-Only upon first logging a ticket. This ensures accurate data capture, and displays a clear, concise form for the service desk team.

*Requires House Forms module.

Improved Forms Designer Interface*

Improved interface on the Drag and Drop Forms Designers

The Drag and Drop Designer interface has been improved to include two columns, to separate out the components/widgets. For Forms you have a list of Fields and Components and on Dashboards you have one column for Reports, and another for Components. We hope that this will make it easier for you to find the required fields.

*Requires House Forms module.

"Add New Note" Button*

Streamline the Customer Support Process

This new function enables smoother ticket progression for Support Agents, as now it is possible to add additional Notes to a ticket, directly from an existing Note.

*Web version only.

Email Notes to Owner/Assignee/Customer

Email the content of Notes instantly to relevant parties, at the touch of a button.

SupportDesk recognises the ticket Owner, Assignee and Customer, and generates buttons with the options to email Note contents directly to them, without you needing to exit the Note or check the Ticket for contact details.

*Web version only

"Important" Flag

Highlight what's Important in Internal Communications

The Note audit trail on a ticket provides a useful area for internal communications between Assignees, Managers and ticket Owners. This new function allows Agents to select that the Notes is Important, so that the message stands out immediately in the Note trail.

Increased Note Details

Added detail displayed on Call Notes.

Enabling Agents to use the Notes function on tickets to its full potential, Call Notes now display information that will be of use to Agents progressing issues. These additional details include the number of the Note they are currently viewing, the ticket Reference, the Customer and Contact details, and the date and time that the ticket was logged.

Automatic CC inclusion with Outlook Add-In*

Include CC addresses on tickets automatically.

A newly designed CC field prompt has been created to streamline Email Read functionality, allowing the automatic capture of CC email addresses onto call tickets. This CC field enables Email Read forms to declare the Extra Field into which the CC address on the incoming mail is to be saved. It is then possible to include this CC field in your outgoing mail templates if desired, so that all parties are automatically included in the call update emails.

*Requires Outlook Add-In module.

Folder Default Views

Add Default Views to Folders.

No matter how many processes managed within a system, it is now possible to set a default view against each individual process folder. What this means is that when the work queue is accessed for a particular folder, the View that appears first can be unique to that of a different process. This enables folders to be catered even further to the requirements of Agents progressing tickets. If the 'Exclusive' view is set on an individual Login, then this will still be respected and the folder default view overidden.

Engineer Calendar Improvements

View Start and End dates of Assignee projects.

With the ability to enter a Start and End date on Change implementations, Projects, and even Asset Bookings, Managers and Engineers can see at-a-glance all upcoming jobs, with hover-over detail displays and drill down links into Change Records.

KnowledgeBase Forms*

Use Drag and Drop to design custom KBase forms.

The drag and drop forms designer has been extended to include the ability to create KnowledgeBase custom forms. This means that only required fields can be displayed or created using Extra Fields, and different forms for service desk agents and Customers can be designed.

*Requires House Forms module.

Introducing the NEW SupportDesk Solution: Risk Management!

SupportDesk Risk Management

SupportDesk’s Risk Management solution provides a configuration through which SupportDesk can be used to maintain a Risk and Control Register. Aligned to this, SupportDesk can also be configured to record risk related “Tasks” that can reference this register and pull through appropriate Control information that is helpful in handling the task.

*Available at additional cost (not included as standard with upgrade)