User Group, IT in Housing and other news

November 30, 2011


House-on-the-Hill User Group

The HotH User Group, which took place this year on November 17th at The Place Hotel Manchester, offered a unique opportunity for you to give your valuable input about the software and company face to face with HotH consultants, and put forward any suggestions you may have in person. The questionnaires handed out at the event are important sources of feedback and help us to continually move forward. You can read a news item about the day and see pictures on our Facebook page.

The feedback results showed that a whopping 92% of UG attendees felt the day matched their expectations, 96% would recommend the User Group, and an amazing 100% would attend next time! We asked if guests felt there was anything extra that we could have done on the day and the most common answer was that Users wanted the facility to test new developments live for themselves, so this will be addressed next time.

We also wanted to know the areas in which HotH can improve, with the results showing that Users want HotH to understand their business needs better, and improve the market presence of SupportDesk. All feedback will be used constructively to improve both the User Group and the service provided by House-on-the-Hill. We were thrilled to learn too that 96% of UG attendees rate the support service offered by HotH as either very good or excellent. Thank you everyone who attended the day for your valuable feedback.

UG attendees will also be receiving the link and password to access the slides from the day very soon!

IT in Housing

As soon as the User Group was over, the HotH team prepared to attend the IT in Housing exhibition that also took place this month, at London Olympia.

Always happy to see our customers, a number of housing associations and councils that are already part of the HotH family came to say hello and take a look at the latest that SupportDesk had to offer. As well as seeing familiar faces, we also had the opportunity to meet lots of new people and learn more about the current IT needs of the Housing sector, so it was a great show.

Tips and Tricks

This month’s tip and trick is for anyone that has the KPI module and would like to schedule QuickCalls.

Make sure that the KPI monitor is running (if it is already running as a service as you will need to stop it first), then go to the ‘scheduler tab. Select the QuickCall from the dropdown at the bottom and click Add QuickCall to Scheduler. Now highlight this QuickCall within the Scheduler list, then using the tabs on the right of the screen, select whether you wish the call to run daily, weekly, monthly etc. and pick a time. Hit Save and there you have it! If you stopped your service it can now be restarted.

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