Supporting the Harvest Appeal

October 24, 2016


The Booth Centre is a Manchester based charity supporting homeless people by providing an inclusive, respectful and empowering environment for those in need of a home.

The Booth Centre’s website describes their mission as being:

‘to bring about positive change in the lives of people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, and help them plan for and realise a better future. ​We do this by providing advice to find accommodation, education, training and help to secure employment, free healthy meals, support in tackling issues with health and addiction, and creative activities to boost confidence and self esteem.’

Such a charity is vital in a time when people are struggling to find secure homes, and everyone’s situation is completely unique. The Booth Centre provides an open door, a friendly ear, and a safe environment to everyone visiting the centre.

The Centre runs various appeals throughout the year, and last week House on the Hill consultant Christian visited to the centre to deliver our donation to their recent Harvest Appeal.

house on the hill booth centre charity donationsupporting harvest appeal


To find out how you can contribute to the Booth Centre’s vital work, take a look at their website.

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