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House-on-the-Hill Xero Integration. Quick Start Guide.

House-on-the-Hill Xero Integration.


This guide aims to give a very quick overview of how to use SupportDesk to create invoice lines on a ticket and
export these to the Xero accounting software suite. It is modelled such that a SupportDesk ticket holds the
Header information containing to whom and why an invoice may be raised and individual lines of the invoice
containing product, quantity and cost detail are then added to the ticket.
The example shown uses data from the SupportDesk trial invoicing system that can be created on request.


The assumption is made that the user already has an account with Xero and Customers within Xero and
SupportDesk have been aligned. This can be done by from SupportDesk to Xero by exporting Customer data from
SupportDesk using the button on the dashboard, and importing the resulting CSV file to Xero using their
Contacts.csv format.
Customer data can also be exported from Xero and then imported into SupportDesk once in the correct format.

Logging a new Ticket.

From the default Dashboard click on the ‘New Ticket’ button – and a New Ticket screen is offered.
Rose coloured field are mandatory for a new ticket and blue fields are mandatory on completion. The fields
required on the ticket and rules of entry are configurable. Pre-configured drop downs allow selection of required
fields. Key fields in relation to the Invoice are the Customer details and the Due Date.

The lifecycle of the Ticket is controlled using the status code which defaults to Open and in the standard package
ends with “Closed & Raise Invoice”.
Once the base ticket has been created Invoice Lines can be added using the ‘Add an Invoice Item’ button on the
form which presents a new form on which the user selects the product and then enters the Unit Cost and
Quantity. If configured to do so the Cost and Tax Type can be inherited from the Product.

Multiple lines can be added to the Ticket and will show under the Invoice Lines Tab, and the totals of the Invoice Lines can be seen on the main call screen.

Once work on the ticket has been completed it can be moved to a Status of “Closed for Invoicing” which will
automatically generate the next Invoice Number.
An Invoice can be printed directly from the ticket using the ‘Print Invoice’ button.

The action of Printing the Invoice automatically generates an Invoice PDF and attaches this to a note on the call.

The note and attached PDF can be automatically mailed to the customer if required

At any point the invoice Lines that have been completed can be exported to a Xero compatible CSV file using the ‘Click here to run the Xero Invoice Line CSV Export’ button on the dashboard.
The user can filter the lines based on the Completion Date.

On “Run” the export file is shown on screen and clicking on the Header or Tail banner “Xero Invoice Lines”
initiates the download.

Once in the Xero Accounts package the select “Account”, “Sales”, “Import”
Browse to the saved download from SupportDesk and Import the file.

Then click on the “Complete Import” button.

Details of the Invoice can then be seen in Xero and processed onwards.

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