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Workflow Engine

Automatically notify assignees of impending SLA breaches.

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SupportDesk’s workflow engine allow you to design the service desk process workflows to suit your organisation.

Proactively monitor your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with Workflow Engine. Warn your agents and stake-holders of approaching SLA failures and automatically escalate calls through stages your workflow. Use the engine in conjunction with Email Integration for complete visibility on or offline. Ensure a greater level of service with Workflow Engine.

Key Features

  • Automated escalation of calls at milestones such as SLA failure
  • Automatic call reassignment
  • Receive visual alerts of approaching breaches
  • Escalation log report for management analysis
  • Email notification of call reminder and SLA breaches
  • Make managers aware of potential issues before SLAs are broken
  • Help ensure compliance with service level agreements
  • Workflow diagrams display relationships between statuses, and status milestones.


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