Create tickets in SupportDesk straight from Microsoft Outlook.

  • Outlook Help desk Add on


Outlook Help Desk Add-In

Simplify service desk task management further by enabling help desk ticket creation in SupportDesk, straight from Outlook!

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With Outlook Help desk Add-In, a SupportDesk icon will appear in your Outlook client. This offers functions to create and maintain service desk support tickets from received email messages. For use in Internet Explorer 11 onwards.

Create a SupportDesk help desk call from an Outlook email

Emails in Outlook that are deemed support issues or requests can be transcribed to the help desk manually, in readiness for support teams to begin following service desk process workflows. Alternatively, this process can be streamlined with SupportDesk Outlook Help Desk Add-In  feature. With a click of a button, an email can be imported straight into SupportDesk with relevant fields being auto-populated, depending on pre-determined parameters.

Using the Outlook Add-In:

  • The User needs to be logged into the SupportDesk WebServer client in Internet Explorer 11.
  • In the Outlook client the User can highlight an email:
  • Then click on the 'SupportDesk' tab in Outlook and then click on the 'Add to SupportDesk' button:

Outlook helpdesk add in

  • This will open up a new call screen in the User's existing SupportDesk WebServer session. The email address will be taken and matched to an existing User in SupportDesk.
  • If there is a match, then the details of this User will auto-populate the relevant fields on the call screen. The subject of the message will be put into the subject field of the call and the body of the message will be added as a call note after the call is submitted.

Streamline the support process, so that emails can be directly transformed into helpdesk tickets with the click of a button.

  • Create service desk tickets directly from Outlook emails.
  • No more manual transcribing of emails into service desk tickets.
  • Relevant help desk ticket fields are pre-populated according to the Outlook email content.
  • Choose which Outlook emails need to be created as service desk tickets.

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