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Keep track of your Timesheets and expenses through SupportDesk!

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  • Timesheets

    Online Timesheets and Expenses

    House-on-the-Hill’s online timesheets and expenses function enables the complete management of Timesheets and company Expenses.

  • Timesheets

    Create timesheets for jobs and projects and log against a specific customer

    Use the timesheet forms to record associated costs, including rates per hour, VAT costs and define which currency is to be used. Timesheets can then be listed against individual projects in a calendar view, and the recording of ‘total hours spent’ enables the automatic calculation of billable hours.

  • Expenses

    Manage Expenses within a dedicated folder using SupportDesk FM

    Custom Expense Forms record all Expense details, including who has Raised the Expense and when, and who it has been Approved By. If the Expense is related to specific projects or contracts this can also be listed on the form, with charges and costs being automatically calculated to include or exclude VAT. Expense Forms can be saved as Drafts when the Expense is pending submission.