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Mobile Service Desk

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Mobile Service Desk

House-on-the-Hill’s mobile service desk allows engineers to access the work queue, and log, update and escalate calls while working on customer sites. This means that your helpdesk can be mobilised, and you can provide your Customers with the highest level of service by ensuring that SLA targets are met, even when out of the office. Touch screen signature capture allows for Customer sign-off, with helpdesk SMS text alerts to notify when SLA breaches are approaching.

Key Features

  • Access House-on-the-Hill from any mobile device (browser required)
  • User friendly cut-down interface
  • Update calls from anywhere, progress a call from start to finish all in one place
  • Check your personal work queue while away from the office
  • Create or review customer’s calls while on-site
  • Never be out of the loop


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