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Knowledge Base

SupportDesk’s Service Desk Knowledge Base function enables known errors and solutions to be stored. Details of the Problem, Resolution, Workaround and relevant Keywords can be entered into each KnowledgBase article, with links to additional information such as on-line manuals and guides.

KnowledgeBase items can be created from various places within SupportDesk, including:

  • a Call:- it is possible to create a KnowledgeBase item directly from a service desk call. Clicking the Add to KBase button transfers the user to the Knowledge Management Entry form, with keyword, problem and solution text copied directly across.
  • The KnowledgeBase main window —Clicking on the KBase link in the ribbon displays the list existing KnowledgeBase articles. KBase entries can be viewed by double clicking on them, or new entries can be created from scratch by clicking the Add a New Entry

Knowledge Base articles can be searched directly whilst logging Incidents, Problems, Changes, Requests etc. in the service desk. The Knowledge Base is filtered based on the Keywords entered in the Subject field on calls. Solutions can be copied across from the KnowledgeBase directly. KnowedgeBase articles can also be made visible to Customers on the web self-service portal as Frequently Asked Questions, which can be voted on.

  • Include Known Errors, Resolutions, Workarounds
  • Search the Knowledge Base using search field
  • Search the Knowledge Base directly from calls
  • Copy Solutions automatically
  • Enter useful URLs
  • Record the web hits for individual Knowledge Base articles
  • Allow users to vote on how useful a KBase article is, and select whether it was the solution to their issue

Download a detailed pdf flyer on SupportDesk’s KnowledgeBase:

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