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Jira Integration with House-on-the-Hill

Integrate House-on-the-Hill with Jira to keep statuses synced

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  • Jira

    Jira Integration with House-on-the-Hill

    House-on-the-Hill Jira integration allows calls raised in House-on-the-Hill to be automatically pushed to a nominated Jira system and thereafter the status of the two calls can be synchronised. Notes added to the call from either system are reflected on both providing better visibility and tracking.

    jira integration

  • Connect your House-on-the-Hill with Jira and ensure that all calls are kept up-to-date and in sync
  • Synchronise the status of calls within House-on-the-Hill and Jira by integrating the two systems
  • Notes added to calls from either Jira or House-on-the-Hill are displayed on calls in both systems