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Email Integration

Seamless E-Mail integration with your SupportDesk system

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  • Email

    Email Integration with the Service Desk

    Email integration with the service desk ensures that Customers, helpdesk analysts, managers and all relevant parties are kept in-the-loop as to the status of logged tickets. SupportDesk service desk software includes full email integration, with templates for Automatic emails included as standard.

  • Templates

    Configure Your Suite of Email Templates

    SupportDesk’s email templates can be edited, or service desk emails can be designed from scratch. With both plain text and html formats available in the system, ticket details can be pulled into the message content using prompts, and emails can include images and links.

  • Communication

    Heighten Communication and Customer Satisfaction

    Emails can be sent automatically at crucial milestones in a call’s lifecycle, such as upon updating the ticket, any changes of assignee, or call closure. By immediately and automatically acknowledging receipt of a service desk ticket, customers can be reassured that their issue has been successfully logged. In call closure correspondence, links to customer feedback surveys can also be included in service desk emails, so that you can continually improve the service you offer, and heighten customer satisfaction.

  • Notifications

    Automate Pro-Active Breach Notifications

    Use integrated emails in conjunction with SupportDesk’s workflow engine to send automatic notifications to assignees or managers when tickets are approaching SLA action dates and require attention.

    Key Features

  • Send automatic e-mails to related parties to acknowledge a new call
  • Automatically e-mail related parties at specific call milestones
  • Design your own e-mail templates
  • Compose ad hoc mail to customers or users
  • Send and receive file attachments
  • Use in conjunction with the workflow engine for automatic SLA breach notifications
  • Automatically generate helpdesk calls from incoming mail
  • Follow-up e-mails can be added to the original enquiry