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Customer Relationship Management

Proactively manage Customer Accounts, Sales Opportunities and Revenue Projections

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Customer Relationship Management

A fully integrated CRM system for the creation of targeted marketing campaigns and proactive tracking of sales opportunities, alongside service management and customer support.

Create attractive html email templates for Newsletters, Prospect Mailouts and more.

With SupportDesk’s Customer Relationship Management function, it is quick and simple to create attractive html email templates for all marketing campaigns and mailshots. These can be saved and edited within SupportDesk.

A Central Location for Contacts

Contact lists can be stored in the CMDB within the service desk, so that all Customer and Prospect communications can be managed from this central location.

By creating classification tags and associating these with individual contacts, email campaigns can be targeted with precision.

Log and track potential Sales Opportunities

Create your own sales stages. With the ability to automate routine/repetitive sales activities, so that your sales team can dedicate their time to following potential leads and winning opportunities.

Report on CRM, Sales Opportunities and Revenue Projections

With extensive reporting capabilities, meaningful data can be extracted from the system. SupportDesk for Customer Relationship Management is shipped with a suite of CRM and Sales Opportunity report templates as standard.

Schedule Reports

CRM and Sales Opportunity Report templates can be customised, new reports can be created from scratch, and reports can be scheduled and sent to specific parties at pre-determined intervals, all via SupportDesk’s QuickReport Designer tool.

CRM Dashboards

Management dashboards enable Customer Relationship Managers and Account Managers to instantly see an overview of CRM and Sales opportunity targets, performance, revenue projections and more.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Campaign management capabilities.
  • Create and store attractive html email templates.
  • Create CRM Reporting Dashboards.
  • Track potential Sales Opportunities.
  • CRM reporting templates included.
  • Sophisticated formula editor for effective targeting and profiling.
  • Automated follow up reminders.
  • Use information held in the Customer, Contact and Inventory Databases to drive campaigns.
  • Create your own Sales Stages.
  • Automate time consuming routine activities and free up valuable time.
  • Sophisticated and intuitive filtering allows precisely targeted campaigns.

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