SupportDesk fans after football club launch

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October 20, 2010


SupportDesk Fans gained after football club launch

House-on-the-Hill has announced the launch of the latest version of its Service Management software solution, SupportDesk.

Entitled SupportDesk 2010 and unveiled to customers at the Manchester-based firm’s annual User Group meeting at Fulham Football Club in London, it consolidates a raft of improvements added since the release last year of its predecessor, SupportDesk White.

It is the 16th major release of the tool since its inception in 1993. SupportDesk now has customers in some 40 countries around the world.

Visually, the most immediately obvious enhancement is new Windows 7 styling with a ribbon for navigating the system and issuing commands.

The Software Licence Manager now automatically delivers notifications of compliance breaches and offers more compliance reports. The ability to discover SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) devices such as routers and network printers has been added to the associated Audit tool for comprehensive population of the Configuration Management Database.

The developments are a result of customer requests, market demands and ITIL trends, said House-on-the-Hill Managing Director Iain Broadhead. We’ve introduced significant and wide- ranging additional benefits. It’s another milestone in a series of improvements we are continually making to the product.

Customers who use SupportDesk as a solution for Customer Service and Support (CSS) are automatically prompted with a customisable message when a call is raised for VIP contacts.

The introduction of Organisations in SupportDesk White to group associated Customers has been extended to attribute service provision to the Organisation. End users associated with the Organisation can log and track calls for the whole group.

Customers support eligibility can be monitored against monthly or support credits on Contracts. More reminder dates and associated email prompts are available for ensuring Contracts are kept current.

The enhancements to House Forms in conjunction with a plethora of new fields on the Call dialogue enables SupportDesk to be configured to suit other support solutions such as Complaints Management and Freedom of Information enquiries. House Forms provide personalised templates for browser-based call logging.

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