WebGuest Update Feature

A query we often receive from customers is how best to alert the SupportDesk staff when the end user has added a new note to a ticket. SupportDesk already has features to assist with this, such as the automatic email “On New Ticket note to assignee”, and the envelope icon that appears in the ticket summary border.

However, SupportDesk provides another feature, the ‘WebGuest Update’, that can help automate the process and progress the workflow on a ticket.

Overview and Setup

The WebGuest Update feature allows a status to automatically move onto another status (the ‘Child Category’) when either:

  1. A new Note is added to the ticket by a WebGuest
  2. A new Note is added to the ticket automatically by an inbound email

This requires two flags to be set on the (first) status you would like the ticket to change from.

  1. In the Dependency section of the Service Level Management Status Configuration panel, set the Child Category to the Status you would like the ticket to change to:

    webguest update dependency section

  2. In the Actions Section of the Status Configuration panel – tick the WebGuest Update box.

    webguest update actions pane


In the example above we have created a new child category “Information Received”.  The WebGuest update flag has been set on a status “Waiting for Information” which would typically be a status code that tickets are designated when awaiting feedback from an end user. So, tickets sitting on status “Waiting for Information” will automatically be moved to “Information Received” under either of the conditions listed in the overview above.

In addition you could configure an “Email to Assignee” on the resulting status, or make sure that this status is included in the default view of tickets that staff are using. For added emphasis the status could even be attributed a specific colour.
Another use of this may be to flag the Closed status as “WebGuest Update” and give it a child status so that notes added to closed tickets are not missed.