WebGuest – The Today Page

*Your Customer profile will most likely have been customised so that it is unique to your organisation, so may have a slightly different layout and functionality, but the following is a standard example of a SupportDesk WebGuest login view, to get you started.

Upon first logging in, you are greeted with your profile: an overview page which has various different drill-down windows and icons.webguest dashboard

New Ticket Use this button icon to raise a new Ticket
Frequently Asked Questions The Frequently Asked Questions section displays a list of FAQs that can assist you with the resolution of minor issues, and provide you with helpful information.
NewsFeed The Newsfeed section is a noticeboard area that can contain general news items relating to your company
Service Updates The Service Updates section displays a list of the Services that you are subscribed to. The traffic light colour coding denotes their operational status: Green=Online, Amber=Impacted, Red=Offline
My Open Summary The My Open Summary list displays calls you have logged which are still Open. The reference numbers are drill-down links into the call records, and allow you to see the progress of your calls.