WebGuest – Logging a Ticket

Your profile home screen will ask you if you would like to log either an issue (Incident) or a Request, or it may simply ask if you would like to log a Ticket. After clicking on the relevant link or the lifebelt icon, the ticket logging screen will appear. This screen will be a simple form that may look something like the following, although this will have been customised to suit your organisation.webguest new ticket

User/Phone No./E-Mail The system will recognise that it is you logging the ticket based on your login credentials, so will auto-populate your contact details.
Service/Asset You may have a drop-down list of Services or Assets to pick from, to denote what the issue relates to.
Details The free-text Details field lets you enter details of what the ticket is about
First Note You may have the option to add Notes to the call using the First Note field. This is useful if you wish to add extra information.
Attachment Attach files to the call using the Choose File button.
OK Clicking OK will log the call and alert the Service Desk.