When you first log in to SupportDesk, in either the Windows or the browser interface you are presented with a view termed as the Today page: this provides you with an instant overview of the current situation on the service desk.

From here, using the navigational icons and links, you can go to various record summary lists, including the live tickets within a particular folder, KnowledgeBase entries, available Products, or whatever you have selected to see. Usually upon first logging in, you will want to navigate to a list of tickets, so we will use this view for our example, but the same rules apply to all record views in SupportDesk.

The pages below intend to show you how you can manipulate the record list so that it shows what you want and also how to save the results for future recall.

Selecting Fields

Using the Search Box

Using the Magnifying Glass or Binoculars Button

Saving Views for Future Recall

Saving a Default View

Saving a Private QuickView

Sorting on Fields

Calendar View

View Archived Records