Views – Using the Magnifying Glass or Binoculars Button

To the left of the Search field on the work queue screen, you will see a small button which in the web is a magnifying glass, and on Windows is a pair of binoculars:

Web: Windows:
search bar: web search bar: windows

Clicking on the icon will bring up the search screen:search screen

This screen can be used to create refined searches that include multiple parameters and search terms:

  • The top 3 ‘In Field’ search boxes have a dropdown of all fields on the ticket screen.
  • The Op. selection allows you to pick whether the system searches for something similar to, equal to, lower than etc. what has been entered in the ‘For’ field.
  • The ‘For’ field lets you enter any search term and is a free text field.
  • Then the Key Fields and Categories allow you to refine your search further, with the Date Range drop-downs enabling the selection of Open, Closed, Raised tickets etc. You can also select custom date ranges by clicking Dates, then entering the specific dates.