Task Component Forms

As a way of extending Form functionality, use can be made of Component Forms. These are Forms that can be embedded within other Forms. To create a Task Component Form, first navigate to Settings > Forms & Dashboards, then select Component from the Form Type drop-down menu. You can then select Add New Form, and enter the name and corresponding HTML information of the desired widget.

An example of buttons for a Task Form is shown below:activity form buttons
On the Details tab of the Form the option “Make this form available for use in the Form Designer” must be ticked.activity form component selector
When used in the Form designer, the Component is dragged as any other field and rendered in the Form. In the example below the Activity Buttons component has been added to the Task Form.activity form buttons widget

General Formatting of Forms

Within the design grid Components drop-down menu, there are the options of “Extend Down” and “Extend Across”. These can be positioned on a form to extend the number of rows or columns that are used be the adjacent field.activity form components tab