Service Portfolio Overview

The Service Portfolio can be accessed by Supervisors via the Your Company drop-down:service portfolio dropdown menuUse the Service Portfolio to describe and maintain the operational statuses of the Services you provide to your customer-base, such as the provision of email services, specialised software packages or internet access. The traffic-light system displays whether services are online, impacted or offline:service portfolio summaryThe status of services can then be made visible to all service subscribed, and the Service Updates widget can be added to Customer and Agent dashboards seen below. More information on customising dashboards can be found here:service portfolio widget


Term Definition
Assets The term Asset is synonymous with CI (Configuration Item) and Inventory. Where this document refers to Assets, you may find your SupportDesk system refers to CIs or Inventory. The terminology used depends on the configuration of your SupportDesk system.
ITIL The IT Infrastructure Library is a set of best practices developed by the UK Office of Government Commerce. SupportDesk is ITIL-compatible.
Service Life-cycle Refers to the ITIL concept that all CIs go through a logical life-cycle. For more information, refer to the relevant ITIL documentation.
Service Owner ITIL concept that each service must have an owner who is ultimately responsible for its delivery.