Schedule Tab

schedule tab page

Rate Select the rate from the drop down.
Email Enter the email address the report output is to be sent to.
Attach as CSV Tick if the report is to be sent as a CSV
Attach as PDF Tick if the report is to be sent as a PDF file.
Start Date & Time Enter start date and time and tick days boxes as required.
Days Settings The day settings work in conjunction with the rate in the following way.

Daily Will be sent on the days flagged.
Weekly Will be sent on the days flagged.
Monthly Will ignore the days but be sent on the equivalent date of each month.
Quarterly Will ignore days and sent 3 months hence from the start date, and 3 months hence thereafter.
Folder Only available for on-site installations of SupportDesk for the entry of a destination folder where the report is to be saved. If you use this field and especially if you are hosting an externally facing WebServer, you must consider the location entered to ensure only appropriate parties have access.

If you wish to schedule the report enter a rate and fill in the required email addresses. You also have to configure the Email option and use the Work Flow Engine.
NOTE. If a report is to be scheduled please ensure that that none of the tabs have the “Prompt” option set as this will prevent the report from running.