Saving Views for Future Recall

If you have created views using the Selecting Fields, Search Box, or Magnifying Glass/Binoculars methods and wish to save the view so that you can easily return to it in the future, there are various options for how this can be saved and accessed.

Firstly, it is possible to save the view as a QuickView Favourite. This means that it will be accessible by all of your team that log in to the helpdesk. This is useful if there are views that need to be shared by multiple teams or users.

In order to save the view as a QuickView favourite, first create the view using the directions from the methods mentioned above. Then, click on the magnifying glass in the web, or the binoculars if you are in the Windows application.

From this screen, you will see at the bottom the option to ‘Save As View’ or ‘Save As’ in Windows:

Web: Windows:
save as view: web save as view: windows

Clicking this will then take you to the Save View screen. Here, you can enter the name that you would like the QuickView to appear as, then select the tick box QuickView Favourite and click Save or OK in Windows.

Web: Windows:
save view: web save view: windows

Now, the QuickView “Jim’s High Priority Tickets” will appear in the QuickViews drop-down, and the selection of the view will instantly display the pre-set parameters. Using this drop-down means that you can navigate between different views instantly, and you can save as many QuickView Favourites as required.quickviews dropdown