QuickReports Overview

Use QuickReports to produce lists, summaries and charts from the data in SupportDesk. Reports are accessed from the Reports icon reports icon in the menu side-bar.

Clicking the Reports link will show a list of existing report templates. Right click on a report and click ‘Run’ to run the report, simply left-click on a report to ‘Open’ and edit the report, or click the “New Report” button in the top left of the screen to design a brand new report from scratch:

QuickReports Summary Page

quickreports summary page

When right clicking on a particular report in the list, the following options appear:

Run Generates the highlighted report.
Export PDF Creates a PDF version of the highlighted report.
Export CSV Creates a text file containing comma separated values. You can browse the results.
Copy Creates a report based on a selected report. The new report is added to the list and is initially titled ‘Copy # of <original title>’. You should therefore open the report to change the title and other details.
Private Copy Creates a Private copy of the selected report. This will only be visible to the logged-in user that has created the private copy.