Outlook 365

The SupportDesk Outlook 365 Add-In provides you with a faster and much more convenient way of logging tickets, allowing you to create a new ticket straight from your Outlook 365 email. With a click of a button, an email will be seamlessly imported straight into SupportDesk with relevant fields being auto-populated.

outlook add-in button

outlook email confirmation

A standout benefit of the Outlook 365 Add-In within SupportDesk is that it bridges the gap between two separate processes. There is no longer a need to constantly switch between two clients, with the ability to record your tickets speedily from the Outlook 365 client.

Logging a ticket through the Outlook 365 Add-In will auto-populate not only Subject details (see below), but also the contact information for that particular client. If an attachment is present in Outlook 365, this will be read into SupportDesk as well.

Furthermore, any subsequent emails referring to this ticket’s reference in the subject will be auto-added as a note to the original ticket.

subject auto populate

This will make your service process more efficient by reducing the amount of time spent managing support and service requests – you can focus on tackling issues rather than logging them.

Overall, the use of the Outlook 365 Add-In within SupportDesk will lead to an undoubted rise in productivity and the potential for greater customer satisfaction within your business. This integration will allow you to focus on what matters – providing the best possible service.

For further information, contact: support@houseonthehill.com