Options Tab

Email Sectionoptions tab email section

E-Mail Enabled checkbox icon Only available with the E-Mail option. Tick the box if the login is allowed to send and receive E-Mail messages.
Attachments checkbox icon If ticked, the login can attach documents to the e-mail and receive attachments on incoming mail.
Mail on Closure checkbox icon Tick the box if the login is to send/receive an email when their Tickets are closed.
Self Acknowledgement checkbox icon Leave ticked if the login wants to receive e-mails that have been automatically generated to him or her when that login has created the ticket. i.e., if a login creates a ticket and assigns it to his or herself, they will receive the notification email if this tick box is selected.
Server E-Mail Login checkbox icon To indicate that this is the login for the mail read service (the current setting is shown).
E-Mail Enter the login’s e-mail address here.

WebServer Sectionoptions tab webserver section

WebServer Enabled checkbox icon Tick the box if the login is to have WebServer access. Logins can have both Windows and WebServer access.
Attachments checkbox icon If ticked, the login can post and access attachments via the WebServer.
Access to Ticket Notes checkbox icon Tick if the Login is allowed to read Ticket notes via SupportDesk WebServer – useful for enabling or restricting access to notes for WebGuests.

WebGuest Sectionoptions tab webguest section

Customer Lock-In dropdown icon For use with SupportDesk WebServer, to restrict the access of the WebGuest to a specified Customer’s Tickets. Leave blank if there is no restriction. If WebGuests are loaded from Active Directory, Customer Lock-In is set as default.
Lock onto Contact checkbox icon Applies if a Customer lock-in is specified. Tick the box if the login can only see their own Tickets for the Customer or leave un-ticked to see all Tickets for that Customer.
Department Lock-in dropdown icon Make a selection from the drop-down list if a WebGuest with this login can only access Tickets with a matching department or Group entered. Leave blank if access to all departments or Groups is allowed.

Telephony Section

This option is only available as part of the Enterprise pack. Tick the Telephony Enabled box if the login is allowed to use automatic dial out.options tab telephony section