Microsoft SQL Server & SQL Server Express

  1. Go to Control Panel on the computer, and choose Administrative Tools
  2. Open up Data Sources (ODBC) (If you have a 64-bit client machine then you need to use the 32-bit ODBC. Use the “Run” dialog box, and type %SystemRoot%\SysWow64\odbcad32.exe).
  3. Make sure you have the System DSN tab selected, and click Add…
  4. The Create New Data Source window appears, select SQL Server from the list of names, and then click Finish.
  5. The Create a New Data Source to SQL Server dialogue appears. Give the DSN the name HouseOnTheHill, and enter the description and name of the SQL Server to connect to. An example is given below.
    create new data source
  6. Click Next to move on to the Authentication settings. Make sure you set up the DSN to connect “With SQL Server authentication…”. At the bottom of the window, enter your SupportDesk SQL Server login and password. These are not stored, but are used to confirm that this DSN can connect to SQL Server correctly. An example screenshot is below.
    create new data source: authentication
  7. The next two steps of the Wizard require no changes to be made. When you get to the end of the wizard, you will be prompted to test the connection. If it succeeds, finish the Wizard and close down the Data Source Administrator. If the tests failed, double check the settings on the DSN and ensure that the specified SQL Server is available and open to connections.
  8. You can now log in to SupportDesk. You may be presented with an error when you first log in – this is because SupportDesk does not have the SQL Server username and password yet. Click through the error, switch to the “SQL Settings” tab and enter the SQL Server username and password. You can then log in to SupportDesk!