Managing Assets

If you are importing your Assets (Inventory) via CSV load, please consult the Importing Assets Guide. If you are adding them manually, please follow the guidelines below:

SupportDesk has an integrated Configuration Management Database (CMDB) which allows you to log tickets against CMDB entries. There are separate folders for Products, Assets (Inventory Items), Customers, Contacts and Services.

After creating your Product items, you can now begin to create your Asset (Inventory) Items which can be related back to their ‘parent’ Products.

So for instance, you can enter the model number and make of Printer, and associate this with the parent Product. To do this, go to Your Company > Assets and click the “Add add button” button to add a new Asset item.
"your company" drop-down menu
Enter the Asset Item details, including associating the Asset with a specific Customer if appropriate. Then, select the Product from the Product drop-down. This will associate the Product with the Asset.inventory form