Logging QuickCalls – Service Desk Agents

Once QuickCalls have been created, Service Desk Agents and Customers (provided the QuickCalls are external) will then be able to log tickets quickly using the templates.

For Agents, QuickCalls can be accessed and logged in a variety of ways.

From the Home Screen Dashboard

By adding the “System:QuickCalls” widget to a dashboard, Agents can select the QuickCall from the drop-down on the home dashboard. Agents will only be able to log QuickCalls that are associated with folders they have access to:agent dashboard

From Within the Folder

When the Service Desk Agent is logging a ticket within a specific Folder, the QuickCalls drop-down at the top of the Summary screen will display only QuickCalls that are associated with that Folder:agent folder

From Within a Ticket

If when logging a standard ticket, the Service Desk Agent realizes that a QuickCall template is required, the icon next to the Subject field can be clicked:agent quickcall iconAnd this will then generate a drop-down of the available QuickCalls in that particular Folder:agent quickcall dropdown