KnowledgeBase Article Form

knowledgebase article formThe full functions of the KnowledgeBase Article form are described below:

Field Function
Keywords Enter or amend the keywords of the problem. These are used to filter the KnowledgeBase records when they are shown on the Ticket form, KnowledgeBase tab. Records are displayed where there is a match between words in the Ticket subject and the KnowledgeBase keywords.
Topic/Sub-Topic Use these entries to classify the KnowledgeBase record so that it can be more easily selected later when using the Magnifying Glass Search tool. You may, for example, classify a record with a topic of ‘Hardware’ and a sub-topic of ‘Printer’.
Customer/Product dropdown icon Select from the drop-down lists if you want to classify the entry to relate to a specific Product or Customer.
Problem Describe the problem here. This entry relates to the subject field on the Ticket. If you create a Knowledge Management record from the Ticket, the subject is substituted here. Similarly, if you create a Ticket from the Knowledge Management record, the problem is copied to the subject field.
Solution Detail any advice or technical tip that is a solution to the problem. This field relates to the solution field on the Ticket record.
Archive checkbox icon Tick if this KnowledgeBase record is no longer used.
Internal checkbox icon Un-tick if this KnowledgeBase record is to be visible via the WebServer to Customers.
FAQ checkbox icon Tick if the problem and its solution is a Frequently Asked Question. Selecting this along with deselecting Internal will make the KnowledgeBase item to appear in the Customer portal.
Validated checkbox icon If KnowledgeBase entries are added by Support agents, it will require a Supervisor login to tick Validate on the KnowledgeBase entry before it will appear in the list.
URL To make direct links to other web sites; for example, Click the URL label to access the site.
Folder dropdown icon Select the folder where the entry is to be stored. This will indicate the type of ticket to which the item relates so it is displayed when relevant.
OK Click OK to Save/Exit.
Mail Click Mail to email the KnowledgeBase article to an email address.