Installing Email Monitoring as a Service

Email as a service should only be added on one machine, usually the SupportDesk installation Server. Depending on whether you are reading using MAPI or POP3, the setup required is different and usually much simpler if POP3.

Prerequisites if reading from POP/IMAP

If reading from a POP3/IMAP-enabled mailbox, there are no specific requirements beyond the setup details found on the Configuration page.

Prerequisites if reading from MAPI mailbox

  • The machine on which the mail read is to be used must have a copy of Outlook.
  • The machine must have a local account called email that should be used to run the service.
  • This email account must have a default mail profile that is linked to the mail box to be read.
  • If the Outlook E-mail guard is activated on your version of Outlook, a third party tool needs to be installed to prevent the Outlook pop-ups from appearing. House on the Hill can assist with this.

Adding Support Desk as a Service

On the machine on which the Email service is to be run:

  1. Close SupportDesk.
  2. In the appropriate suppdesk*.ini file used by the Email Read process, add or modify the following entries, which are the SupportDesk login and password that the service should login as.
    • [SuppDesk]
  3. Alternatively – login into SupportDesk with the email login and click on the menu option File – Automatic Logon. This will write the login details to the Suppdesk.ini file.
  4. Restart SupportDesk. It should now automatically login rather than showing the login form. This is required for the service to operate correctly.
  5. Make sure that SupportDesk Email – Read Background is working as expected before installing it as a service.
  6. Make sure that the file exe is located in the same Folder as the Windows SupportDesk executable (supdskcs.exe), normally \suppdesk.
  7. In SupportDesk, press Ctrl-Alt-Q and tick the ‘Run as a service’ box. When you press the OK button, the service component will be installed. If this does not happen you may have to run SupportDesk “As Administrator” to give yourself rights to add a service.
  8. Ensure that the Mail/Read Background menu is still ticked and then close SupportDesk.
  9. In the Services window (Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services), right click the SupportDesk Email Monitor entry and choose Properties.
  10. In the Log On tab, choose the account that you want the service to run as. By default, this is the local system account if reading a POP3 account. Alternatively, if Windows Authentication is enabled, you’ll need to enter the local or domain user credentials for the Email Read login here. If reading from MAPI, specify the email account that should have been created on this machine.

You can now start the service. You may want to tick the ‘Allow service to interact with the desktop’ box during initial testing. This will cause the SupportDesk service window to appear on the desktop when the service is started.

If you encounter any problems, stop the service and add or modify the following lines in the appropriate supdesk*.ini file.


This will cause a suppdesk*.trc file to be generated in the SupportDesk Temp directory at run time, which will contain diagnostic information and any error messages.