Importing Tickets

HotH has the ability to load external Ticket (Call) data directly into the databases. You can therefore download data from any existing databases and populate the HotH databases.

In addition, HotH also has the ability to export your Ticket data from the HotH database to a CSV file, which you can learn more about on the Exporting Tickets Guide.

The files to be imported must be flat files of comma-separated values. Each line in the text file represents a HotH record of a particular type. The first characters in each line indicate the type of record to be loaded. You should also note that special rules apply to some fields, please take advice from Support before loading new data type. You can use Import to execute a SQL string, but again please take advice from Support before doing this.

Note: Tickets and Notes are loaded into the current Ticket Folder. If you are importing Tickets to an archive Folder, the Tickets should have status ‘Closed’. HotH does not make these checks.

How to Import Files

In the WebServer, go to Import CSV from Settings.import csv file pageSelect the file to import records and click Import. If there are errors they will be listed. You need to review the errors. The error log is listed to the file suppdesk.errIf there are no errors you can navigate away.

In the Windows interface the Import CSV option is on the Database ribbon tab/menu. You need to navigate to where the import file is located.

Import Formats

Excel column headings are supplied below to assist with importing Ticket Records. You do not need to supply data for every field, just enter those you need. (Though there are some validation rules, these are not documented here.)

Dates should be entered as DD/MM/YYYY for UK format and MM/DD/YYYY if US format is in use.

Call Record – Type E

BCall RefUp to 8 characters, mandatory and unique.
CCustomer RefUp to 40 characters. (Customer must exist.)
DProduct RefUp to 40 characters. (Product must exist.)
EVersion RefUp to 16 characters. (Product Version must exist.)
FCategory TypeUp to 32 characters. Category must exist.
GCategory StatusUp to 32 characters. Category must exist.
HCategory PriorityUp to 32 characters. Category must exist.
ICategory LevelUp to 32 characters. Category must exist.
JOwner’s RefUser Tag. Up to 40 characters, mandatory.
(User must exist.)
KOpen Date10 characters. (Default today’s date)
LOpen Time5 characters HH:MM, 24-hour clock.
(Default current time)
MClose Date10 characters. (If omitted, Ticket is open.)
NClose Time5 characters HH:MM, 24-hour clock.
OSubjectUp to 2000 characters
PCustomer ContactUp to 40 characters
QAssigneeUser Tag. Up to 40 characters, default to Owner’s Ref. (User must exist.)
RCustomer‘s Own RefUp to 40 characters.
T-XExtra Fields (pre 2002)5 fields of up to 16 characters each
YSerial NoUp to 120 characters
ZActionUp to 32 characters
AAAction Date10 characters
ABAction Time5 characters HH:MM, 24-hour clock.
ACCost10 numeric characters, 2 decimal places.
ADWeb FlagNumeric
AEWarning Date10 characters
AFWarning Time5 characters HH:MM, 24-hour clock.
AGE-mail120 characters
AHPhone40 characters
AI-AL Leave blank
AMContact IDNumeric
ANInventory IDNumeric
AOSupport LevelEg “First Line”
AP-AQActual Action Date & Time
AR-ASTarget Response Date & Time
AT – AUActual Response Date & Time
AVDepartmentUp to 120 characters
AWLocationUp to 40 characters
AXEstimated Elapse timeUp to 16 characters
AYAction resolvedUp to 16 characters
BAContractUp to 25 characters
BBSub TypeNumeric
BCResolved byUp to 40 characters
BDGroupUp to 40 characters
BE-BG Leave Blank
BHPOUp to 40 characters
BIEscalation date10 characters (date)
BJEscalation time5 characters HH:MM, 24-hour clock.
BLCounter date10 characters (date)
BMCounter time5 characters HH:MM, 24-hour clock.
BNCounter durationUp to 16 characters
BOOutage date10 characters (date)
BPOutage time5 characters HH:MM, 24-hour clock.
BQOutage durationUp to 16 characters
BRProjectUp to 40 characters
BSSales orderUp to 40 characters
BTRMAUp to 40 characters
BVWebsiteUp to 120 characters
BWServiceUp to 40 characters
BX-BY Leave Blank
CAService IDNumeric
CBTime zoneNumeric
CDOrgUp to 120 characters
CFConfigUp to 120 characters
CG-CISTC Date, time, duration
CJ-COScheduled rate, time, start date, weekdays, stop date, day
CPNo parentsNumeric
CQNo childrenNumeric
CRSortUp to 250 characters
CSScript IDNumeric
CT-CY Leave blank
CZLast noteNumeric
DA Leave blank
DCTitle 2Up to 250 characters
DD-DIEnd date, end time, end duration, elapse time, date last updated, time last updated
DJ-DM Leave blank