Hosted System Email Integration

The information on this page is an overview of the Email Integration feature for Hosted systems. To learn additional details about this feature, consult the links below:


Sending Mail

Receiving Mail

HTML Signatures

The sending of emails requires the system to be connected to an SMTP server. As standard your system will be connected to a third party commercial mail server but it can be advantageous to connect to your own mail server if that is possible.  There are technical documents that cover this and can be provided upon request. The choice of mail server has no bearing on the configuration described in this guide.

To read emails from a mailbox and convert to SupportDesk tickets requires some support and set up from House-on-the-Hill. If this is of interest please contact us for technical information.

To enable the E-Mail feature, the SupportDesk Logins must have the E-Mail Enabled box ticked at the Login Details form on the Options tab. If the person is to be allowed to send attachments, make sure the Attachments tick box is also selected:
hosted email login details pane