Getting Started – Status

Workflow is an important aspect of SupportDesk and serves in monitoring and progressing the Status of individual tickets– from raising a ticket to resolving and closing the ticket.

The workflow will determine the statuses to be created. To add new statuses go to Settings > Service Level Management and in Category select Status.

Common statuses include:

  • Open (Reopen)
  • Responded To (e.g. First Response)
  • On Hold
  • Assigned/Work in Progress
  • Resolved
  • Closed

status page


Within the separate statuses you can set milestones for the ticket life cycle.  The statuses most commonly defined as milestones are:

  • Responded To
  • Resolved
  • Closed

milestone statuses

An email can be used on all three of the milestone statuses.

Stop the Clock

This function is used to stop the progression of elapsed time on a ticket and can be set up to initiate once a particular Status is selected.

In the example below, the statuses Closed, On Hold and Resolved are showing to Stop the Clock once engaged on a ticket:

stop the clock example

Learn more about this topic by visiting the Status page.