Getting Started – Products and Assets


The SupportDesk system can be setup to keep track of Customers’ individual assets using Inventory or simply hold a master list of Products (Your Company > Products).

An example of Product Summary can be seen below:

product summary page

Assets (Inventory)

If you wish to report on, or hold contract information against Customers’ specific assets, then an Inventory or Configuration list is required (Your Company > Assets).
See below for an example of an Asset Summary:

asset summary page
Based on your organisation’s requirements for reporting on or tracking assets, you can decide whether to associate asset items with individual customers; for example, SupportDesk could be set up to automatically detect that Joe Bloggs uses a Dell laptop, an HP printer and a Blackberry.

After establishing whether your company has a list of Products/Assets that you support, you need to decide on how this information is to be processed by SupportDesk. The information can either be entered manually, via CSV import, or bulk loaded using an Asset Management tool such as House-on-the-Hill’s own PC Auditor module and other third-party tools.

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