Getting Started – Organisations, Customers and Contacts

SupportDesk is used to support your customers (Your Company > Customers).

In an IT Support environment, your customers will be individual internal users and would usually be loaded through LDAP Integrator. In a customer support environment, customers will be your client base. Customers can be added manually or by importing as CSV files.

Example of a Customer record:

customer record
For customer support you may also want to record individual contacts. Contacts (Your Company > Contacts) can be set up independently or linked to a specific customer.

To link a Contact to a Customer, in the Contact record, simply select the appropriate Customer as shown below:

select customer dropdown
Contacts are normally added manually or by importing a CSV file of names.

For more complex systems, SupportDesk can support 3 tiers of customer data. At the highest level this would be Organisation (Your Company > Orgs), underneath which there may be many Customers and then Contacts (which can be associated to either the Organisation or the Customer):

customer data hierarchy
To mark a customer as an Organisation, in the Customer record select Org as in the screenshot below:

customer level: org

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