Format and Charts Tab

Page Feeds checkbox icon Tick to have a page throw after a change of the primary sort key (this is the first entry in the Sort Order box).
Primary Sub Totals checkbox icon Tick to sum records within each primary sort key. If the ticket fields elapsed time, cost and job time are included in the report, they are also summed, as are any other ticket field marked to be accumulated in the data dictionary.
Secondary Sub Totals checkbox icon As above, except apply to secondary sort field. Select this if there are 2 fields selected on the Group and Sort by tab.
Grand Total checkbox icon Tick to state the number of records and totals of sub-total fields.
Skip Sort Heading checkbox icon To ignore the heading break at change of primary sort key.
Skip Page & Date checkbox icon To not print the page and date heading at the top of each page.
Skip Co. & Dept. checkbox icon Tick to not print the company name and department name heading at the top of each page.
Skip Title checkbox icon Tick to not print the report title in the heading at the top of each page.
Multiple Lines checkbox icon Tick to print large fields, such as subject, in a block. The width of the block is determined by the Quick Reports width set in the data dictionary.
Skip HTML Hotlinks checkbox icon No fields in the report (such as ticket reference) will have HTML hotlink access.
Skip Co. & Dept in HTML checkbox icon Suppress these fields from HTML output
Skip Folder & Table Heading checkbox icon Suppress these fields from the output
Skip Printing Sub-Totals checkbox icon Suppress these fields from the output
Right Align Totals checkbox icon Tick to print totals on the right hand side
Right Align Sub-Totals checkbox icon Tick to print sub-totals on the right hand side
Chart Options, Type: chart options type dropdown
When producing a chart you can choose between Line, 3D Pie, Pie, Bar or Guage. Use the Height and Width settings to define the size of the chart.
Legend checkbox icon Tick to show legend in Chart area.
Drill Down checkbox icon Tick to enable Drill down function to show report filtered on the criteria that has been clicked.
Chart Accumulated Fonts checkbox icon Tick to obtain chart of the accumulated values in the report. Click any of the Fonts buttons to transfer to the standard Windows font dialogue. You can change the fonts for Page No & Date, Co. Name & Dept, Title and Detail Lines. The changes made are global settings and affect all printed reports. (Reports can only be printed when using menu rather than ribbon options.)
Landscape radio button Tick to export PDF in Landscape.