Extra Fields

By their nature, Forms work with the fields that are available on the respective tables in the SupportDesk database.  These fields are shown on the grid to the right of the Form development area. However, it may be that the Form needs to contain fields which are not represented. In this case there are two options:

  1. Where possible, try make use of fields that are available on the native table but are unused in the normal ticket screen. For example, on the ticket table there are several spare text, date and time fields that can be renamed and used.

  2. If all spare fields are already being used, then extra fields can be created for the table to which the Form is associated.

Extra Fields Formextra fields form

Prompt  Enter the text you wish to see on the corresponding form as a prompt for this field.
Default Value Enter a default value for the field. This can be a SQL statement. (Not applicable for service level management fields such as Call:Priority)
Mandatory checkbox icon Tick to force the login to make an entry in this field. For tickets, the field can be mandatory on resolution and on closure and a set stage in the ticket life cycle.
Hide/Archive checkbox icon Tick to remove this field from the corresponding form and associated reports. It remains on the Data Dictionary but no longer appears on forms and reports.
Read Only checkbox icon Tick if no change to the field is permitted by users other than Supervisors.
Selection Build a list box by placing entries on separate lines. This can be a SQL statement.
Help Enter any hints to help your login complete the field.
Internal checkbox icon Fields that are marked as ‘Internal’ are not visible to Web Guests.
Reports Width The width of the field in Quick Reports
Accumulate checkbox icon Tick if the field is to be accumulated in Quick Reports
Sort Order dropdown icon To set the sort order of Extra Fields.
Folder dropdown icon To specify a folder for the Extra Field.
Dictionary dropdown icon Set if the Extra Field is only relevant when a particular dictionary is in use.
Field Type dropdown icon To designate the type of field
Tag dropdown icon If tags for Extra Fields have been defined (part of System Management/Settings) then you can specify the tag or tab on which the extra fields is to appear
Other Fields For special HTML formatting