Email Configuration – Hosted Systems

To manage when emails are generated and the content of the mails select the “Settings settings cog” top level menu and then “E-Mail & Letter Templates“:

email setup dropdown menu

On the top bar of the screen there are two sub options; System Settings & Personal Settings:

System Settings

mail system settings

SMTP Server The SMTP Server may be set here, but if blank this does not neccesarily mean that no mail server has been set as it may be set on the Settings > WebServer page:
webserver smtp settings page
Signature This can contain a simple text only mail signature that can be incorporated into emails using a specific tag.
See the “How to Create and Add HTML Signatures to Email Templates” guide to see how the signature function can be extended.
E-Mail Managers If ticked, the system will send a copy email of all outgoing emails to the manager of the Login recipient.

Personal Settings

personal email settings

E-mail Address The e-mail address shown will be that of the user who is logged in.
E-Mail Enabled & Receive/Send File Attachments checkbox icon These reflect the settings on the login record.
Self Acknowledgement checkbox icon Tick to receive automatic mails that would be sent to you as a result of your own actions.
POP3 Account and Password These are not applicable in the hosted environment and should be left blank.