Distribution Groups as Service Subscribers

The Service Portfolio enables a SupportDesk administrator to create and maintain Service Records. SupportDesk provides the ability to subscribe Customers (End Users), Departments and Organisations to required Services.

In SupportDesk, you can also load in “Distribution Groups” from Active Directory. The Distribution Groups discovered in AD are then available as entries on the Distribution Groups tab in the Service record.

Only Distribution Groups are loaded in from Active Directory (excluding security groups). You must have the LDAP connector and a script in place in SupportDesk to load these Distribution Groups in. To learn how to set this up, see Configuring LDAP Interface.

The use of Distribution Groups allows the group members to view their subscribed Service(s) via the Service Updates section in SupportDesk. The SupportDesk Service Record ‘Subscribers’ tab is shown below:service record subscribers tabOn selecting the Distribution Groups tab, the SupportDesk Administrator is able to select from the right hand drop down any preconfigured Active Directory Distribution Groups. As on other Service Subscriber tabs, the Groups can be added to and removed from the service. When a Group is ‘Added’ the members within the selected Distribution Group are now subscribers to the Service.

Changes / updates made to the Operational Status of the Service Record are reported to the subscribed Distributions Group members via email. The updates can also be viewed if the customer is permitted to see the Service Updates within their End User WebToday Dashboard.

Should a Customer be removed from a distribution group within which they are a service Subscriber; any pending scheduled AD synchronisation with SupportDesk will ensure that this user is removed from the SupportDesk Distribution Group as a Service Subscriber.